Welcome to the ASAB 2019 Summer conference:

New Frontiers in the Study of Animal Behaviour

Join the Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior and the Centre for the Advanced Study of Collective Behaviour in Konstanz for the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour summer conference from Monday 26 August to Wednesday 28 August 2019.

More information is available at – uni.kn/asab-summer-2019

Video Recordings:

 Monday, August 26th  |  18:00-18:50
"Neural codes for natural behaviors in flying bats"
Nachum Ulanovsky, Weizmann Institute of Science

Tuesday, August 27th  |  09:00-09:40
“Collectiveaction at the cognition- culture interface”
Dora Biro, University of Oxford

Tuesday, August 27th  |  11:45-12:25
“Imaging brainand behaviour in freely moving mammals”
Jason Kerr, Max Planck Associated Institute

Tuesday, August 28th  |  09:00-09:40
“Bird’s-eyeView: How Colour, Court- ship and Deception Shape the Avian Visual World”
Mary Stoddard, Princeton University

Tuesday, August 28th  |  14:20-15:00
“Science ofthe Sociome: Tracking how interactions scale to complex societies”
Meg Crofoot, University of California