Collective Behaviour - Summer Seminar Series 2024

PhD Pitchwork - Short talks

Members of the CASCB Doctoral Network


The PhD Pitchwork sessions are a fabulous new addition to our seminar format, which from now on we will schedule in once or twice per semester. Each time will feature another group of PhD candidates presenting science pitches and delighting us with exciting glimpses into the richness of doctoral projects and the truly amazing work being done by young researchers of the CASCB Doctoral Network.

The following PhDs candidates presented their project:

  • Eleonora Gatti: Optimal Movement Theory: The economy of decision-making in animal movement
  • Emily Grout: Exploring the drivers of fission-fusion dynamics in white-nosed coatis
  • Kathrine Stewart: Interactions between animal collectives: factors influencing intergroup encounter dynamics in a wild bonobo population
  • Maya Dagher: Coevolution of cooperative swimming in robotic fish
  • Lochlan Walsh: Lateralised visuo-motor control of the hawkmoth proboscis
  • Anupama Manel: Insights on floral pattern vision on the Hummingbird hawkmoth

Datum: 2024-04-29