Interdisciplinary Center for Interactive Data Analysis, Modelling and Visual Exploration

Datum: 21.06.2012

INCIDE is a center that provides and develops algorithms for the analysis and visualisation of highly complex scientific data repositories, i.e. efficient methods for (semi) automated data analysis, data mining, numerical simulation and parameter estimation, and for visual and interactive data exploration. INCIDE is intended to link the Graduate School Chemical Biology (Excellence Initiative, KORS-CB), the Department of Computer Science and Information Science, the Department of Mathematics and Statistics and the Research Training Group 1042 "Explorative Analysis and Visualization of Large Information Spaces" (DFG-RTG), which works on related problems.



Dorit Merhof: Welcome and introduction

Thorsten Riess: Segmentation of single-particle trajectories

Thorsten Riess: Image analysis of nuclear envelope breakdown events

Minmin Shen: Analysis of cell migration

Felix Schönenberger: Discrimination of cell cycle phases in PCNA-labeled cells

Benjamin Thiel: Classification of sleep behavior of bees

Manuel Wildner: Color measurement in photographic images of Mexico fish

Michail Schwab: Precipitate segmentation in solar cell wafers

Clemens Müthing: 3D visualization of biological data

Clemens Müthing: Visualizing honeybee brain activity in real time

Judith Pagel: Comparative analysis of in vivo and in vitro screens

Roland Jungnickel, Michael Höhn: Visualization of fingerprints in parallel universes

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