To record your lecture or event and/or stream it live can offer a lot of advantages:

- Inclusion: Students with different requirements are taken into account equally and barriers can be broken down.

- Family friendly: Studying with child gets easier.

- International students: Taking breaks, taking notes and going through the lecture according to your own needs or the possibility of repitition provides a big help.

- Flexibility: Students can catch up on the lecture to a for them convenient time and therefore can better adapt to their schedules.

- Overcome spatial barriers: Students who can't be present personally (due to room size, railway strike, sickness etc.) can still participate in the lecture.

- Conservation of resources and Reusability: Teachers can use lecture recordings as a valuable resource for future courses, e.g. as addition, in case of scheduling conflicts due to business trips or cancellations due to sickness.

- Repitition and deepening: Students have the possibility to watch difficult concepts or passages repeatedly and to understand what leads to a better deepening of the learning material.

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What is possible with Opencast?

Opencast offers not only the possibility of recording and livestreaming your lectures half automated in the lecture hall.

You can also:

- Use the Opencast-equipment for web conferences

- Upload video material that already exists in an Opencast-object in ILIAS

- Use the Opencast-Studio in ILIAS to record and upload videos and screencasts directly.


You can find further information on the Opencast-website.

Equipped lecture halls:

- A600, A701
- BG335
- R511, R512, R513, R611, R711, R712
- M629

Trainings and workshops:

Are you interested in using Opencast, but would first like to see and try it yourself?

We regularly offer the opportunity to get to know Opencast on the basis of on-site appointments.

To participate registrate here.

Our upcoming workshops:

Wednesday, 10.07.2024, 10 am to 11:30 am in R611

or upon request