Livestream & lecture recording

Where can I find information about the modern Opencast technology in the lecture halls?

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General and specific information about the new Opencast technology is available at https://streaming.uni-konstanz.de/opencast/. This also includes video tutorials on "Introduction", "Web conferencing" and "Streaming & recording", which can be viewed in advance.

Which lecture halls are equipped with the Opencast technology?

The following lecture halls are currently equipped with the Opencast technology:

  • ­­ A600
  •  A701
  •  BG335
  •  M629
  •  R511
  •  R512
  •  R513
  •  R611
  •  R711
  •  R712

More lecture halls will follow.

I would like to offer a livestream and recording to my students. How do I realise this?

Please send us an enquiry before the start of the semester. You can find our contact details in the contact box.

Mention the following information if possible:

  •     Lecture name
  •     Lecturer name
  •     Lecture theatre room number
  •     ILIAS course name (preferably with link)
  •     Start & end of the lecture period with weekday
  •     Cancellation dates
  •     Special features

The live stream in the ILIAS course doesn't work. What can I do?

Livestreaming and playback of events is tested by us with Chrome, Edge and Firefox in the latest version. In rare cases, the web player does not load after clicking on 'Join'. A loading animation is displayed, but the player does not start.

Try to reload the player: Press CTRL + F5. The page will be reloaded and the browser cache will be ignored.


  1.     Delete the browser cache: Press CTRL + SHIFT + DEL, select 'Cache' (Firefox) or 'Images and files in cache' (Chrome) and confirm the deletion.
  2.     Close the browser tab
  3.     rejoin the event: Click on the 'Join' button of the event in Ilias again.

(Delete browser cache and reload page without cache with different browsers: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Bypass_your_cache)

It has been shown that accessing live streams from the WLAN or via mobile data is more error-prone. If possible, we recommend connecting the computer to the network/internet using a LAN cable when live streaming.

I cannot establish a WLAN connection to "eduroam" in the lecture hall to start a web conference session. What can I do?

A wired network connection could help here. You can find out more here: www.kim.uni-konstanz.de/e-mail-und-internet/wired-lan/

I have an enquiry. How can I contact the media production team?

Support via email: recording@uni-konstanz.de

  •  General enquiries
  •  Scheduling and changing lecture recordings and livestreams two weeks before the start of lectures
  •  Problems with playing lecture recordings
  •  Other Opencast-related enquiries

Support via telephone: 07531-88-4800

  •  Urgent problem in live lecture hall operation