The Communication, Information, Media Centre (KIM) offers the KIM.MediaBOX for lecturers to record their own (teaching) videos


What is KIM.MediaBOX?

Lecturers can borrow the KIM.MediaBOX from the KIM to record their own (teaching) videos. The focus of the hardware and software is on the independent production of videos.

For recording videos where the camera doesn't move, there is a webcam and laptop with relevant software. The software is configured for various scenarios:

  •  screen recording
  •  screen recording with person (internal camera)
  •  webcam recording (external webcam)

For more dynamic videos where the camera position or perspecitve will change (such as filming experiments) we recommend using the hand camera.

For more information about video post-production, please use For further questions please contact the team KIM.VideoLAB.

KIM.MediaBOX contents

  • Laptop with OBS-Software
  • Webcam with tripod
  • Clip-on microphone
  • Hand-held camera

Instructions (in German)

Inventory List (in German)

Use and support

Conditions of use:

  • One KIM.MediaBOX is loanable per person.
  • Reservations including the desired loan date can be requested via the booking form.
  • Loan period: max. 2 days.
  • Please ensure you return the KIM.MediaBOX on time so that it can be made available for the next borrower.
  • It will be issued via the KIM-Beratung.

Support consists of set up and preparation for the recording. It is possible to do a live stream for the purpose of hybrid-teaching. For questions please contact the KIM.Lecture Recording team.
If you need to edt the recordging you can find information on our webpage:
For questions about video editing, please contact
Booking a room: if you need a room for the recording, you can book the MediaLab (Room B440 in the library Mediothek with visualiser) when you reserve the KIM.MediaBOX. (subject to availability)

You will receive a confirmation email. If you requested support, the KIM.Lecture Recording team will contact you separately. For didactic support or questions regarding dgital teaching you can contact the eLearning team.


Booking a room: The MediaLab (Room B 440 in the library with a visualiser) kann also be booked provided if it is available.

You will receive a confirmation by mail. If you have requested support, you will be contacted separately by KIM.LectureRecording.

The eLearning team are available for didactic support and questions about digital teaching.

Additional rooms: H 305 (including a chalkboard, beamer and overhead projector) and H 308 (including a beamer and visualiser) can be booked via the Lehrraumvergabe

Video Guides

The following videos introduce the KIM.MediaBOX and explain how it works. The videos are complementary to the written guides

Teil 1 - Einführung

Teil 2 - Aufnahme

Teil 3 - Exportieren

Teil 4 - Die Handkamera