Prof. Ph.D. Nick Zubanov

Termine (Vorlesung)

Mo 15:15 - 18:30 A 600


Modern life can hardly be imagined without organizations – groups of individuals united in the pursuit of own as well as common goals. Organizations create wealth that benefit us all. Yet, they can also do real harm to the society. This course seeks to understand the economic motives behind the decisions taken by organizations. Such understanding is useful for predicting organizations’ behavior and designing good governance policies. The course consists of two large parts. In the first part of the course, we study the behavior of organizations on markets, focusing on the economic analysis of competition between firms. In the second part, we go inside organizations and study their internal structure: how decision rights are assigned and tasks allocated between different units, how incentives to perform are provided, and how the performance relevant for incentives is measured. We use game theory and microeconomics as study tools throughout the course. The course consists of weekly lectures and bi-weekly tutorials.

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