Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior / in cooperation with CASCB

Tré Ventour, Gemma Williams

Date: 27.-28.04.2023

“Neurodiversity” is a word heard more and more in the workplace. It describes the idea that our brains work differently; and that we experience and engage with our environment in many ways. Neurodiversity is a valuable resource for academic institutions. But neurodivergent scientists—such as those with ADHD and/or Autism—often face bias, discrimination, and misunderstanding during the course of their work.

The Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior  hosted a two-day event on neurodiversity in science. Held April 27–28 at the University of Konstanz, the event featured public talks from scientists who are rethinking the role of neurodiversity in both the practice and evolution of human collective behavior. The event also included anti-bias and ally-ship training to support neurodivergent colleagues, and community dialogues for developing more inclusive organizations.


Tré Ventour

The Metahuman Anti-thesis: Parables to Neurodivergence in Marvel’s X-Men


Dr. Gemma Williams, University of Brighton

“From one Umwelt to another: ‘otherness’ and different embodied realities in cross-neurotype communication”