Collective Behaviour - Winter Seminar Series 2022/23

Why You Should Care About Query Optimization in Databases

Prof Michael Grossniklaus, CASCB/University of Konstanz

This event is part of an event series „CASCB Winter Semester Series 2022/23“.

Empowering practitioners to get answers from their data is the main goal of a database system. Since their inception at the dawn of Computer Science, database systems have become one of the most (commercially) successful software tools. However, as data sets become larger and the analysis task more complex, finding the most efficient and effective way to provide answers to practitioners gets increasingly more challenging. In this talk, we give a brief introduction to how database research into query optimization has addressed this problem in the context of relational databases. Then, we discuss how this existing research can be extended and applied to systems using a richer data model such as graph databases. We conclude with a vision for a system that manages and processes trajectory data that follows in that tradition.

Michael Grossniklaus obtained both his Diploma and PhD at the Department of Computer Science of ETH Zurich. After post-docs at the Politecnico di Milano, Portland State University and Technical University of Vienna, Michael started his own research group at the Department of Computer and Information Science at the University of Konstanz in 2013 first as a Junior Professor and since 2017 as a Full Professor. Michael’s research is in the area of database systems with a focus on query optimization. Apart from relational database systems, Michael and his team are also interested in non-relational database systems and, in particular, graph database systems.

Datum: 2022-11-28