Collective Behaviour - Fall Seminar Series 2020

Alternative treatments of gregarious locusts


Manfred Hartbauer, University of Graz

Manfred Hartbauer is an Associate Professor at the Institue of Zoology at Karl-Franzens University Graz, Austria. He is strongly interested in the evolution of intraspecific cooperation in non-social insects, such as chorusing katydids and collectively defending aphids. He is also interested in the neuronal basis of behavior in the context of female mate choice, vision-based collision avoidance and night vision.

Alternative treatments of gregarious locusts

In my talk, I will explain the problems caused by recent gregarious locust outbreaks in East Africa and Pakistan. Then I will review locust pest management that is either based on chemicals or alternatives, such as insectivorous fungi. In the third part of my talk I will present a novel linseed-oil based pesticide that is harmless for the people operating in the field and enables dead locusts to be used for the animal food industry. Finally, I will describe potential swarm disruptive effects of oleic acid and other necromones contained in linseed oil.

Datum: 2020-12-07