Collective Behaviour - Summer Seminar Series 2021

Using cutting-edge technologies to reveal the animal mind

Fumihiro Kano, CASCB

Fumihiro Kano is a junior group leader at CASCB, where he works in collective behaviour and social cognition of birds (pigeons and crows) and primates (apes, monkeys, and humans). Kano got his PhD from the Primate Research Institute at Kyoto University and his Postdoc at MPI -evolutionary anthropology at Leipzig. He also guest visited the University of Oxford, and worked at Kumamoto Sanctuary in Kyoto University. 

Using cutting-edge technologies to reveal animal mind

As a newly assigned junior group leader at CASCB, I will introduce my past works and future plans in this talk. My general ambition here is to make a bridge between the collective behaviour and social cognition studies. I am a comparative psychologist by training, and like to work with various species, so far mostly with great apes (all species, bonobos, chimpanzees, orangutans, and gorillas), and more recently with birds (pigeons, crows) monkeys (Japanese macaques), and humans. I actively use cutting-edge technologies to reveal new aspects of behavior/cognition of these animals. In the talk, I will first overview my past studies with nonhuman animals, including the use of eye-tracking to study great ape social cognition (particularly theory of mind, perspective taking, ostensive communication), the use of wearable miniature sensors to study pigeon navigation, and then share future plans with you, especially about the use of the motion-capture system to study collective attention and social cognition in pigeons and crows, the use of high-resolution drone images and computer vision to study the function of social gaze in wild foraging monkeys, and the use of the motion-capture system to study the function of behavioural/attentional coordination in uniquely human activities.  

Datum: 2021-04-26