Brain synchronization: functional neuroimaging as a tool to study group processes

Harald Schupp, University of Konstanz

Harald Schupp will present at the CASCB regular Monday seminar on "Brain synchronization: functional neuroimaging as a tool to study group processes."

Moving beyond the individual brain, the study of brain synchronization was spurred by a functional imaging study conducted in 2004 by Hasson and colleagues that aligned brain responses to Hollywood film clips. It was soon discovered that responses in early visual and auditory brain regions are driven by low-level stimulus characteristics while synchronization in higher-order brain structures related to the meaning and relevance of the stimuli. In his talk, Schupp will explore his work showing increased intersubject correlation in participants with high compared to low perceived risk for H1N1 infection to a swine flu TV documentary in the anterior cingulate and insular cortex, i.e., key limbic regions. He will discuss results showing how intersubject correlation was larger to effective than ineffective anti-alcohol advertisements in the target audience, suggesting novel ways of using neural measures as screening tool for effective risk communication. Noteworthy, intersubject brain synchronization has been successfully measured using EEG allowing studies in naturalistic groups contexts. Building upon these findings, the potential of brain synchronization for the study of group processes will be discussed.

Datum: 2019-06-03