ZKF-Arbeitsgespräche im Sommersemester 24

Monumental Lies. Culture Wars and the Truth About the Past


Vortragende Personen:

Dr. Gruia Badescu (Universität Konstanz) in conversation with Author Robert Bevan (London)


Robert Bevan is an author and journalist writing on architecture,heritage and cities. He is the author of Monumental Lies: Culture Wars and the Truth about the Past (Verso), a book of the year for the Financial Times and the Art Newspaper. His previous book, The Destruction of Memory: Architecture at War was described as “ground-breaking” by the New York Review of Books.

In Monumental Lies, Robert Bevan examines the weaponization and manipulation of the past in culture wars around the globe. This talk will address uses of monuments, architecture, and cities as material evidence of human history, and how our understanding of this heritage impacts our lives.

Datum: 2024-05-22