Invited talk:

Is set theory pure or applied mathematics? On the ontological power of set theory and its limits


Mirna Dzamonja  (University of East Anglia)

The talk is inspired by the reading of Alain Badiou’s book "Immanences des vérités". This book closes a circle of Badiou’s engagement with the higher infinite, set theory, category the- ory, forcing and large cardinals, as part of his philosophical tool-case developed through his four large books. Badiou makes of set theory an applied science and applies the set-theoretic thinking to philosophical and political contexts. Forcing has a special place in this philosophy. Badiou’s work is well-known and has admirers as much as adversaries. My intention has been to develop my own, hopefully balanced, opinion and to see if the relation between set theory and this philosophy can be productive for set theory in the sense of inspiring new ideas and directions of reserach. I will promote one such idea through "the index of absoluteness"."

Date: Tuesday, July 30th