Zukunftskolleg - Event Series 2020/21 - Racism in Academia

Virtual Screening "Coded Bias"

· Sarah Chander, AI and non-discrimination (European Digital Rights, Brussels)
· Asanda Saule Ngoasheng, gender and racial justice activist (Centre for Rights and Justice, University of Sussex)
· Violeta Ivanova-Rohling, machine learning and quantum computing (Zukunftskolleg, University of Konstanz)

. Cornelia Klocker (Zukunftskolleg)
. Co-Moderation: Zebra-Kino

Film abstract: 
When MIT Media Lab researcher Joy Buolamwini discovers that most facial-recognition software misidentifies women and darker-skinned faces, she is compelled to investigate further. Centering on the voices of women leading the charge to ensure our civil rights are protected, Coded Bias asks two key questions: what is the impact of Artificial Intelligence’s increasing role in governing our liberties? And what are the consequences for people stuck in the crosshairs due to their race, color, and gender?” (Women Make Movies)

Coded Bias Film Website: https://www.codedbias.com/

Datum: 19.01.2021