ZKF-Arbeitsgespräche im Sommersemester 22

Marx in Texas: Slavery, "Capital", and the Revolutionary 1860s



Prof. Dr. Eric Lott, City University of New York


Dr. Jacob Bloomfield

Datum: 2022-05-04


In Kooperation mit dem Zukunftskolleg

Karl Marx followed the progress of the U.S. Civil War closely and wrote about it extensively in his dispatches for Horace Greeley’s New York Tribune and the Viennese newspaper Die Presse.  Too few have recognized, however, that the war and Marx’s dispatches not only coincide with but also enter quite broadly into the composition and text of Das Kapital, published not long after the war’s conclusion, in 1867.  I will raise the specter of an American Marx: U.S. conceptions of labor (slave and free), politics, and (not least) territory suffuse Marx’s complex figurations of wage work, capitalism, modes of production, and revolution itself.  America’s revolutionary 1860s may well be fundamental to the plot of Marx’s great Victorian masterwork.