Prof. Ph.D. Nick Zubanov

Fachbereich: Wirtschaftswissenschaften, Universität Konstanz

Termine (Vorlesung)

Mi 10:00 - 13:15 F 428


This course brings together perspectives from the disciplines of economics and HR management to produce a broad introduction to the key issues in managing employee compensation and benefits (C&B). The course consists of three parts. The first part of the course will cover the theoretical foundations of wage setting under complete and incomplete information, discussing in particular the topics of efficiency wages, incentive pay and performance evaluation, and relating the above theoretical foundations to the actually observed C&B practices. The second part of the course will present empirical evidence on the effects of C&B practices on organizational performance, using a selection of famous academic journal articles and case studies. The role of C&B in strategic management of human resources will be discussed in the third part of the course, with some practical implications for the design of C&B schemes. Upon a successful completion of the course, students will develop an understanding of C&B as a set of interrelated management practices and its importance as a factor shaping organizational performance. They should be in a position to make informed decisions on the best configuration of C&B to use in a given situation.

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