Prof. Ph. D. Nick Zubanov

Termine (Vorlesung)

Di 11:45 - 15:00 D 247


This course gives a broad introduction to the key issues in managing employee compensation and benefits (C&B). We will discuss the importance of C&B in affecting worker and firm performance and proceed with studying theoretical foundations of wage setting and the effects of C&B practices on organizational performance. The role of C&B in strategic management of human resources will be discussed, with some practical implications for the design of C&B schemes. Academic articles and management case studies on C&B and firm performance will be presented as part of the course. Upon a successful completion of the course, students should develop an understanding of C&B as a set of interrelated management practices and its importance as a factor behind organizational performance. They should be in a position to make an informed decision on the best configuration of C&B to use in a given situation. To make the most of the course, students should have a background in management, microeconomics, or/and HR management and good knowledge of statistics.

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