Prof. Iain Couzin, Damien Farine, Alex Jordan

Termine (Vorlesung)

Mi 11:45 - 13:15 R 513


The ability to move can provide distinct advantages for organisms if they can find the most suitable environment to live in. However, to do so, individuals must have the ability for locomotion and the ability to make decisions about where to move. How animals do this is the key focus of research in Animal Behaviour. The study of animal behaviour is therefore highly integrative and has a strong focus on the evolutionary basis of how animals respond to selective pressure arising from their environment. The lectures will first introduce behaviour and explain the mechanisms that generate behaviour. They will then cover a range of topics to provide a broad understanding of how and why animals behave, including: social and collective animal behaviour, predator-prey and co-evolutionary dynamics, group living and social learning, natural and sexual selection, signaling and communication, innovation and problem-solving.

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