Personalmanagement / Personalentwicklung


Prof. Ph. D. Nick Zubanov

Termine (Vorlesung)

Di 17:00 - 18:30 A 702


This course offers a more advanced discussion of key issues in personnel economics, and is a follow-up on the Introduction to Personnel Economics course (taking which is advisable although not absolutely necessary, since there will be a brief recap in the beginning). It continues on the topic of incentives, going deeper into the issues of extrinsic vs. intrinsic types of motivation and desirable vs. undesirable performance outcomes of incentives. We then proceed to studying the closely related topics of peer pressure and teams, turning next to the issues of team diversity, authority and leadership. The final topic concerns the analysis of personnel policies in real firms. As in the Intro course, we will be applying economics to understanding personnel issues. The difference in this course is a greater emphasis on empirical results from famous personnel economics studies.

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