Grammar Development


Prof. Dr. Miriam Butt

Dates (Lecture)

Wed 11:45 - 13:15 G 209


The course introduces students to grammar development using the theoretical framework of LFG in conjunction with the XLE grammar development platform. The course proceeds from very basic concerns, namely starting up XLE and entering simple rules and lexical entries to more sophisticated topics like lexical rules, long distance dependencies, free word order, the integration of a finite-state morphology, generation and ambiguity management via Optimality Marks. The course ends with a survey of further capabilities of XLE, particularly for achieving grammar efficiency and integrating statistical/stochastic information. Each session is accompanied by practical exercises and at the end of the course, students should be able to develop grammars for languages of their choice.

Note: Die Aufzeichnung wurde im WS2014/15 mit Prof. Dr. Miriam Butt durchgeführt. Inhaltlich stimmt die Vorlesung mit der aktuellen Vorlesung von Prof. Dr. Gerold Schneider überein.

For further details about the contents of the lecture see the LSF and the accompanying webpage