Prof. Dr. Jens Jackwerth

ABWL - Block Course


Prof. Jens C. Jackwerth



The objective of this course is to develop a framework for corporate financial decision making, and to
provide a solid grounding in the principles and practices of financial management.
The course covers the following topics:

Project Appraisal
This concerns the way in which investment projects are analyzed, the impact of risk, tax and
inflation, the term structure of interest rates, the cost of capital, and target rates of return.

Capital Markets
This covers the operations of the capital markets, their efficiency, the role of intermediaries,
sources of finance, the borrowing decision and company valuation, as well as optimal portfolio

Capital Structure This addresses the optimal capital structure of firms, mergers and acquisitions, the market for
corporate control, market efficiency, the principles of capital structure, leverage, the basics
of hedging, and international finance.

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