Women of Mathematics throughout Europe. A gallery of portraits.

The exhibition is travelling all over the world celebrating female mathematicians working at institutions throughout Europe. The aim of this exhibition project is indeed to offer a glimpse into the world of mathematics through photographs (by Noel Tovia Matoff) and excerpts of interviews (by Sylvie Paycha and Sara Azzali) of 13 women mathematicians.

The portraits honor their achievements, their lives and their very own way of doing mathematics.The full interviews together with many other pictures are collected in the exhibition catalogue , which will be available to consult and buy at the exhibition opening (if you are interested in buying a copy after the opening, please contact Maria Infusino).

The portraits will be on display in the Uni-Library (Level B4, in front of the BibCafè) from October 19th to November 16th 2017.

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Opening Exhibition Film