Introduction to Personnel Management


Prof. Ph. D. Nick Zubanov

Termine (Vorlesung)

Do 10:00 - 11:30 R 611


People are the most important asset in the majority of organizations. Hence, the management of personnel – or human resource management (HRM), as it is sometimes called – is among the core topic in business-related education. This course will introduce students to the key issues in managing personnel. In particular, we will cover issues in employee recruitment, selection, training, promotion and turnover. Incentives based on employee performance, as well as performance measurement, will be covered, too. While this course is related to HRM, it differs from a typical HRM course by applying economic reasoning and mathematical models, where needed, to make sense of personnel management policies. Therefore, a familiarity with microeconomics will help students do well on this course.

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2017-10-26 (Do) - Introduction

2017-11-02 (Do) - Employee recruitment and selection

2017-11-09 (Do) - Screening

2017-11-16 (Do) - Probation, promotion and internal labour market

2017-11-23 (Do) - Human Capital

2017-11-30 (Do) - Direct monetary incentives

2017-12-07 (Do) - keine Aufzeichnung

2017-12-14 (Do) - Incentive schemes with a performance target

2017-12-21 (Do) - Incentive schemes for agents with non-neutral risk preferences 

2018-01-11 (Do) - Scientific principles of performance measurement

2018-01-18 (Do) - Application of performance measurement principles in performance evaluation practices

2018-01-25 (Do) - Empirical evidence on the effects of incentives, and the limits of using them

2018-02-01 (Do) - The costs and benefits of employee turnover

2018-02-08 (Do) - Employee turnover management practices

2018-02-15 (Do) - Keine Aufzeichnung