Tag 1: Formal Epistemology meets Traditional Epistemology

Datum: 02.09.2010

Elke Brendel: Tutorial
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Grant Reaber: Probabilistic Notions of Deference

Trent Doughtery: Dealing with Disagreement from the First Person Perspective: A Probabilistic Approach

Paul Thorn: Cognitivist Probabilism
Julia Staffel: Two Ways of Measuring Degrees of Incoherence
Corina Strößner: Justification and Normality
Hartry Field: How, If At All, Can We Rationally Revise Our Inductive Methods?
Joel Pust: Conditionalization and Knowledge De Praesenti
Partick Allo: Interactive Models of Closure and Introspection
Julien Dutant: Methods-Based Models for Belief and Knowledge
Dr. Clemens Dirscherl